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Dapper Set: The Bello

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Handsome at any Hour

Our Dapper Sets combine simplicity and sophistication for you to suit your everyday and special occasion looks. We are inspired to create combinations that are easily paired together with statement classic wardrobe pieces. 

For your Events: 

Our collection of sets allow you to easily pair one of our Dapper boxes with a White Shirt, Neutral Suit and Dark Shoes - getting you confident and ready with ease. 

For your Weddings:

These Boxes have popularly been used as Groomsmen, or Grooms Gifts. 

You can easily ask your wedding party to use one or a combination of the pieces to complement your special day.

This Dapper Set Contains...

Tie: Burgundy with White Accents (Silk Knit, 148 cm long and  cm wide)

Socks: Navy with White Polka Dots (Cotton, Fit 9-12)

Lapel Pin: Blue Flower with Red Button Detail

Cufflinks: Button design with a mirrored finish

Pocket Square: Crisp White (Cotton, 24 cm x 24 cm)