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DapperSet: Stephen and Ally

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"A Man Should Look As If He's Bought his Clothes With Intelligence, Put Them On With Care And Then Forgotten About Them" ~ Sir Hardy Ames 

Hi, I’m Stephen, one of the founders of Dapper Set. I was once a young aspiring financial planner. I found like most young professionals, starting out can be intimidating. You’re expected to know everything, impress everyone, and never be caught off guard. Part of being on your 'A' game is looking sharp. The clothes don’t make the man, but they can add something important. Confidence. Confidence creates an image people respect and trust. Confidence is what makes you believe you can get that next promotion, that you can close that new client. When you believe in yourself, the people around you follow suit.

I always wanted to help make the road a little easier for new gentlemen coming up. As the years passed, I became more successful, but I began losing our most precious resource, time. The dream of starting Dapper Set started to seem more unrealistic. Along comes Ally. Ally has experience building start-up retail businesses; she understands marketing, how to build a website, dealing with suppliers - all the stuff I would’ve had to learn from scratch. They say every man with dreams needs a woman with vision beside them. For me, that’s Ally.

From this Dapper Set was born.

Building a respectable wardrobe can be daunting. There are so many combinations and rules. Not to mention suiting can be very expensive. So where does that leave the young professional? Often, overwhelmed and underfunded. Enter Dapper Set.

Neutral suit, white shirt, dark shoes, we’ll do the rest.

Although the young professional probably needs the most help, several established gentlemen have been using Dapper Set to enhance their wardrobes as well. Keep an eye on BNN/Bloomberg TV and you may spot some of our products.

For the more discerning gentleman, you can custom build your own set with as few or as many of our products as you like.

Dapper Set has also helped simplify the wedding process by providing grooms and groomsmen alike, an elegantly packaged set that makes their look whole. Our most formal set, aptly named “The Formal Affair” was actually created for a friend's wedding.


*COMING SOON: The Story Behind Dapper By the Lake

So, as you browse our site, understand our intent is to make you more confident, more successful - the best version of yourself. Please join us on this journey, and do it in style. Stay Dapper, gentlemen.