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Dapper Set Inc. expanded in 2020! 

In addition to our line of suit accessories and accessory sets, we are brought you a line of casual clothes for men and women. What made these unique was that our abstract prints were personally designed and a percentage of all profits will be donated to registered charities!

This was run as a fundraiser for multiple charities as we will dedicate a print to each one.


Our Bear Prints in Support of @Sickkidsvs

Our Hedgehog Prints in Support of @Braincancercanada

Our Wolf Prints in Support of @Brianchages

Our Elephant Prints in Support of @Fertility_Canada




Brain Changes Initiative - Our Newest Addition to our Charity Line Up 

We are so excited to announce our new collaboration. 

After meeting with Dr. Matthew Galati and some of his family virtually this year we both became inspired to work on something together. We teamed up to help them launch some warm winter fitness swag with a new look and also made a new print available in our line up. 

Brain Changes Swag - donated proceeds goes to Brain Changes Initiative 

Dapper By the Lake Wolf Print - donated proceeds goes to Brain Changes Initiative

Check out how Dr. Matt Galati healed himself from a severe TBI (Traumautic Brain Injury) and how all the above proceeds go to researching new ground-breaking research that will change the standard of care for TBI recovery! 

Become a #BrainAmbassador

Learn more about Brain Changes Initiative at brainchanges.org

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