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Dapper Set: Beyond the Sea

Dapper Set: Beyond the Sea

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Your Next Adventure

Our Dapper Sets combine simplicity and sophistication for you to suit your everyday and special occasion looks. We are inspired to create combinations that are easily paired together with statement classic wardrobe pieces. 


This Dapper Set Contains...

Tie: Navy Embroidered Anchor Design (Poly-woven, 148 cm long and 8 cm at widest point)  

Socks: Navy Burgundy Spotted (Cotton, Fit 9-12)

85% Cotton, 10% Spandex, 5% Elastic fibers

Lapel Pin: Burgundy Felt Flower 

Cufflinks: Anchor 

Pocket Square: Navy with White Floral Design and Burgundy Trim (Poly-woven 24cm x 24cm)